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Mastering Designer & Architectural Wall Finishes

Build Your Own Lucrative Decorative Painting Business
With Exclusive Faux Painting Techniques Taught By KSK

The Mastering Designer & Architectural Wall Finishes is the first in a series of intense, hands-on faux painting classes which focus on teaching professional faux painting techniques and advanced decorative finish methods, enabling you to set yourself apart from all the standard faux finishing being rendered in the field today by your competition.  We teach exclusive faux paint finishes using water-based decorative painting systems.  These faux painting systems, combined with our teaching techniques will move you worlds ahead in the decorative finishing and faux painting fields.

To truly succeed in the field of faux painting, you have to first open your mind to the possibilities that can give you the competitive advantage needed to dominate in the decorative finish market.  Beware of other faux painting classes which teach only basic decorative painting techniques.  If you do not expand your mind, you will simply be left behind.  If you take our Mastering Designer & Architectural Wall Finishes class and combine it with what you already know about faux painting, you will definitely be far ahead of the competition.  In Mastering Designer & Architectural Wall Finishes you will learn not only how to faux paint, but how to faux paint for profit!

Mastering Designer & Architectural Wall Finishes will start with a lecture on proper wall preparation from start to finish.  You will learn correct faux paint base-coat techniques as well as all the different options for clear topcoats and barrier coats.  We will discuss faux painting color options and the best ways to help you with the color selection of your faux paint finishes, including glaze walking, wet edge, and blending techniques.  During one evening of the class, we will have a business discussion regarding our Faux Painting for Profit System.  This segment will show you how to successfully set up your faux painting business to generate the profits you desire, your pricing strategy for bidding faux painting jobs, how to sell faux painting jobs at your price, outselling the competition and breaking into high-end decorative painting work.

With Mastering Designer & Architectural Wall Finishes, you will produce more than two dozen state-of-the-art decorative finish samples and combinations of several of the faux paint finishes listed below.  You will learn to layer many faux painting techniques to create a portfolio of approximately 20+ decorative paint finishes.

Some of the incredible finishes you will learn in Mastering Designer & Architectural Wall Finishes are:

The Kelly S. King Glazing System
Are you used to using water or oil-based glaze?  The Kelly S. King Glazing System Instruction will show you how color translucency is a major part of creating decorative finishes that show true depth perception, making your finishes seem as if they flow across the room instead of just existing color over a surface (something that is difficult to achieve with a standard glaze).  It gives you the working time of an oil-based flow that a glaze cannot deliver.  You will produce several dimensional samples.

Metallic and Iridescent Colors
Adding more dimension to finishes by using metallic finishes to compliment or stand alone is essential to decorative finishing.  To even top that, we will experiment with iridescent colors which used correctly give you directional illusion that can very softly amplify any finish.

Reactionary Color System
There are two basic ways you will learn to excite your finishes, and how they will interact with your color layers or open up your colors and move patterns expeditiously that normally could only be done by artistically painting.

Color Embedding
This process involves a negative reaction of exciting colors by actually baking or embedding color patterns that leave distinguished placements of color in random forms based upon application methods.  The effects embedded appear like stones, pit marks, fissures suggesting Breche fragments and much more.

Translucent Layered Plaster
Translucent Layered Plaster is used to create Old World colored plaster effects.  This is one of the several different texture techniques that have a uniqueness that can be used in several different ways.  By layering color with Translucent Layered Plaster, you can achieve some very incredible textures, revealing translucent color layers that melt together yet when layered reveal previous later intricacies that are virtually impossible to create any other way.

Layered Distressed Finishes
These finishes are simply amazing.  You will learn the process of creating old paint-chipped distressed walls, or how to create patched soft textures by pulling away areas of layered finishes, exposing a background finish or artwork that appears as if the finish took years of natural decomposition.  This finish can be used in several different ways, making it easy to create finishes resembling Old World distressed effects on walls.

European Textures, Embossed Relief,
and Italian Villa Textures
Textures are becoming very popular in today's decorative finish market.  You will be doing several different textures using a very tough and durable ground-stone texture that accepts coloration in ways completely different than other texture mediums. These include Mediterranean textures using special methods of application also incorporating embossed relief works, architectural ornamentation within the textures, and lastly, inlay stone or tile effects.

Venetian Plaster
Venetian Plaster is a remarkable finish replicating the finishes of the Old Masters past.  This finish is a polishable material made from ground marble dust that is applied in a three- or four-step process by layering different layers of plaster and burnishing to any particular sheen.  Great for producing polished marble effects for walls and moldings.

The Exclusive KSK Secret Finish (Version II)
This finish is a big hit... and taught exclusively at The Kelly S. King Academy of Faux Painting & Decorative Finishing, Inc.  This is a very profitable finish that looks labor-intensive, yet is quick and easy to perform.  ONLY those who attend our class know the value of this secret weapon.

The finishes outlined above are just some of the finishes we will be covering.  You will also be introduced to the spray system for finishing off and fine-tuning all the incredible finishes you will be able to do.

Mastering Designer & Architectural Wall Finishes

Current Pricing Information & Scheduled Dates
Price/Deposit Prerequisite
$2295 / $795 None
Special discount of $795 available.
Deduct $295 for airfare, $500 for hotel. Call for details.
  Location Status Instructor(s)
May 26 - 30 Omaha FULL King


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